Change is the only constant

We partner with ambitious leaders to imagine and deliver transformational change for their business in the face of critical market disruption.


Discovering possibility

We take bold leaps to find new purpose for your business. We explore future market scenarios to identify fresh possibility and new opportunity.

Our focus is on inflection point change. We are passionate about creating new trajectories that are both significant in value and sustainable for our clients, their teams, and their customers.

Reimagining the future

Our outsider-in status gives us unique permissions to imagine new paths to growth and new futures – what’s possible desirable and achievable.

Making it a reality

Our real ‘secret’ is we actually do the work with you.

We both devise the optimum future scenario and we work with you to make that scenario a reality.

We create unimagined transformative futures

We conceive valuable new destinations by unifying outsider market thinking with undiscovered potential in your business.


We believe real value is delivered by both thinking and doing

We uncover, imagine and deliver novel market value for ambitious firms and their shareholders.

We roll up our sleeves, and work side by side with you, to effect significant and sustainable change in dynamic marketplaces, and to create shared and lasting value.

Selected clients

Acquirer Systems


Irish Medtech Association


Retail in Motion



Cornerstone Mutual Services


Government of Ireland


HP Autonomy


Irish Banking Federation


London Mutual


Your best partners in business are the ones who challenge you.

With hands-on expertise of building and advising firms in high tech, retail, manufacturing, and financial services, we add an entrepreneurial layer to your core team to help you define and transition to new and valuable spaces at a pace required to combat disruptive change.

We bring strategic scalability to all our engagements, drawing on a skilled array of talent we can deploy agile teams and adapt to specific challenges.


Change starts with conversation

Let’s discuss how we can collaborate to create a bold new future for your organisation.

Paul Kennedy

Managing Partner

Simon Rogals

Managing Partner